Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hot Rod Girls Save The World PG13 version?

Just finished a PG13 version of Hot Rod Girls Save The World.Takes about 21 hours to export the files and burn onto a master DVD-R. The first disc ended up having some minor problems so I did it again. Thank God I have two computers so I can switch over to my second system to keep working during the export/burn process. The only real difference between the regular version of HRGSTW and this PG013 Version is removal of a few F' words (most are left in) and one brief nude scene of Betty Petty. The PG-13 Version is also seven minutes shorter than the First Edition Version (current DVD run time 121 minutes) following the new edits I did for the Second Edition (run time- 114 minutes). I made a PG-13 Version to play outdoors at car show events. Don't want the kiddies to scream and cry. Does that make sense? I also hot some more films in for the Hot Rod Monsters Film Festival. i am screening them this week and weekend so the tickets can go on sale on Monday. Should be a great program. Lots of Hot Rod documentaries.

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