Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Rain Rain Rain

Man is it comin' down outside! However- I do love the rain. Washes away all the dirt and crap. This was a decent storm. Many ties in Seattle we get overcast and drizzle, just enough to wreck the BBQ. Summers in Seattle can be perfection. Three months of 75-80 degree weather without a cloud in the sky. When I first moved up here in 1989, I worked at a Tower Records (remember those). It was cold and wet and dank. I asked one of my coworkers was it like this in the summer. He said, "Just wait and see. Its a Northwest secret. The best summers in all the continental U.S. are in Seattle." I didn't believe him as I watched the rain drops slowly slide down the buildings huge windows. Several months later his statements rang true. It was that summer that I forgot all about moving back to Los Angeles or migrating to New York and decided to stay in the Northwest.

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