Sunday, June 7, 2009

Hot Rod Girls Save The World @ Seattle Crypticon 2009

We had a blast on the film panel at this years Crypiticon. Got to show a 10 minute clip of Hot Rod Girls Save The World and then do a Q&A session about the film and film making in general. Had around 80-90 attentive people in the Lopez Room where the panel was held. Before the panel, waiting outside to get in, I was talking with Adam Gerke (Traffic Guy from Seattle FOX Q13 TV) about his new Zombie film called The Book Of Zombie, about a Mormon only zombie disease that effects a small Mormon town. Funny. Also the guy next to me on the panel had won an oscar for best foreign documentary and was now making zombie films? Zombie is the new red. Anyway gave out tons of promo and Screener DVD's. Saw Shawn Shelton (who plays The Stranger in Hot Rod Girls) working the Costume & Display Booths (Hi Shawn!). Also said hi to Adrienne Barbeau and nearly bumped into (literally) Troma Films guru Lloyd Kaufman. Good times.

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