Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Demonos Made Me Do It!

So it looks like we broke a record yesterday in Seattle's continuing heat wave. 103 Degrees! I was able to cool my studio off enough to work in with fans and a small AC Unit, but not until after 10PM. The family and I took big buckets and filled them with water to soak our feet and arms. relaxing and cooled us off until the sun went down. Cooked some Veggie Hot Dogs on the BBQ and watched as a helicopter hovered over our house for ten minutes. I waved and offered a Veggie Dog (pointing at plate and smiling). The helicopter (a King 5 News Chopper) just flew off. Maybe next time guys. Hot Dogs are mighty yummy on a hella hot day. Completed the Demonos Car Club segment for the new Hot Rod Girls Save The World Special Features DVD. After that I didn't get much sleep. Tossed and turned until 3AM. Supposed to be a little cooler today. I hope.

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