Wednesday, November 18, 2009

IRS & Barracuda's

Woke up this morning to a frantic call from my wife saying the IRS was at our Arts School and needed to talk to us. Since I handle all the accounts I jumped into the van and raced over to the school. It seems that not paying ALL of your quarterly payroll tax is a big no no with the IRS. Seriously, I knew this, but it has been a rough year for our school. The IRS gals were very pleasant and asked lots of questions and requested tons of paperwork, but I think we can get this worked out. At least I now have a definitive "go to" gal within the IRS for questions and advice on how to handle our business taxes.

On a completely different subject I read a very cool blurb about the Plymouth Barracudas history on The point they mentioned was that although the 1970 Barracuda looks a bit like a 1967 Chevrolet Camaro on steroids, the 1970 Camaro has a very similar rear roof design and look to the 1967 Barracuda. It's like the two companies were copying each others 1967 designs, but three years later because of the time it takes to make a new cars design.

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