Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bite The Hand That Feeds

Two nights ago my studio cat, Dee Dee, took a good chomp on my middle finger knuckle. I was combing her with a flea comb and hit a spot she didn't like and so she bit down on me- to the bone. She has bit me before, but this one got infected. Last night I ended up going to the ER on advice of a nurse friend, saying I might get serious infection. I ended up on an antibiotic IV drip and was discharged a few hours later with prescriptions for more antibiotics. My whole hand is now swollen, but the red streaks on my arms from the infection are gone. I am supposed to monitor the wound and if it increases in swelling or pussing or whatever, go back to the doctor people. The pen marks on the photo are from the nurse to mark the edges of the swollen areas for monitoring. Is that an accepted medical technique- drawing on the patient? :) Fun.

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