Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Pirates Suck!

So I have found even more P2P redirect sites that list Hot Rod Girls Save The World. Yesterdays find had over 5,000 downloads listed! That's over 40,000 downloads that are listed on these sites so far- and I just started looking! We are contemplating alternative forms of releasing Rat Rod Rockers! to keep this from happening with that film. We may use extensive streaming prior to releasing the physical DVDs, which seem to be the easiest way that pirates rip and then upload films to the illegal sites. The problem will be in sendnig off DVDs to Festivals. I may watermark all outgoing initial Festival DVD copies with scrolling copyright notices every ten minutes during the film to annoy would be pirates. I am eager top hear other indie-film makers ways of dealing with this issue. I don't mind if someone burns a copy or two for friends after they purchase the film. I think it really sucks when heartless scabs share my films on P2P sites allowing hundreds or thousands to grab a copy. They are hurting the small guys most. Please Don't Pirate- Buy Indie!

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