Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Rat Rod Rockers! Editing Scene 42

Still cutting Scene 42 for Rat Rod Rockers! What looked like a quick to edit scene- has turned into a several day job. J-O-B. The problems is the cuts between the takes and the actors continuity. Not to fault the actors, they did an incredible job, it's just the motions of heads and arms don't always end up in exactly the same place when an actor runs his/her lines. The bottom two pics are of the main scene perspectives. Very strong camera angles indeed. The top one is Andrew Tribolini's close-ups, which are key since he is doing the majority of the speaking in the scene. Sometimes the best points in a take will not work against an edit no matter how hard you try. The good thing in this scene is all the takes were decent, so it will be strong regardless.

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