Thursday, June 9, 2011

Light Turnout for Rat Rod Rockers! at STIFF

Well ya can't win 'em all. We had about 20 people show for our Wednesday screening of Rat Rod Rockers! at the Central Cinema in Seattle last night. I know it was an off night, being mid week and we started screening at 9:45, but I expected a few more butts in the seats. Especially after the 351 bodies at our Seattle Premiere and the 426 patrons at out World Premiere. Thanks to the Rat Bastards Car Club, my sis and cousin (who also plays Harold Milldue in the movie) who made it out as well as the hot rod curious who, like me and my wife,  are probably dragging at work today from a lack of sleep. Promoting a Hot Rod Film at Car Shows is almost effortless- promoting to the festival community is a little more work. Also the free screening we are having at the Slaughter House Car Show this Saturday probably didn't help the turnout either. We did get mention in the Seattle Times, which may give the film some press traction further down the line.
Between screenings I snuck into the theater and took this pic.
Saturday we are setting up my 20x10 outdoor projection screen and showing Rat Rod Rockers! Drive-In Style. People seem to love the mini drive-in setting. Maybe some free in city outdoor wall screenings? That might be an idea whose time has come.

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