Monday, July 25, 2011

Adding a .080 Gauge String To My Hellcat VI

So after playing around with the Hellcat for the last week and changing fattest stock .095 string to a manly .105, I also decided to increase the Ab (normally A) string to an .080 gauge. I bought some different sizes as individual strings from in the D'Addario Nickel Wound Series. The new Ab string is a NW080 which seems to be the biggest small ball size I can find. It fit just fine on the bridge and nut, but I needed to open up the tuning peg string hole a bit to get the new string to go through. So now my string gauges are (low to high) .105 - .080 - .055 - .044 - .035 - .026. The new .080 makes the jump a little less noticeable from the .105 to the .055 and has a little more depth. Lets see how this works for the new album.

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