Sunday, July 10, 2011

Schecter Hellcat VI

Just bought this bad boy for $203 down at American Musical Supply ($599.00 sale price). A guitar thats a bass- a bass thats a guitar, the Schecter Hellcat VI. Schecter, who is normally known for their pointy fugly metal guitars, also makes this badass hybrid monster. Being a bassist who also plays guitar on many occasions- this is the answer to all my musical prayers (well most of them anyway).  Might have it by Friday. The electric bass is a relatively new instrument (historically speaking) and in the late fifties and early sixties there were many variations available for the aspiring electric bassist. Fender made the Bass VI (similar in design to this more modern Schecter Hellcat VI). Tuned a full octave below a standard electric guitar E-E, the Bass VI was not a Baritone (usually tuned B-B or A-A below a standard guitar tuning), but a six string bass with guitar like spacing between the strings.  This allowed guitarists to easily switch to the lower sounding instrument. Eventually the four string configuration won out as the most popular electric bass configuration, but with modern musicians looking for "different" sounds there has been a resurgence of vintage reissue and hybrid style guitars and basses. 

The Cure used a Bass VI extensively.  Peter Hook of Joy Division and New Order used a six string Shergold Marathon (see picture from Top of the Pops) that had a similar design to the Fender Bass VI.  Another famous Bass VI player was Jet Harris of The Shadows, who also had several UK hits after he left The Shadows, playing deep solos on his six string. I am looking forward to getting my hands on the Schecter to see if it can do what I want it too.    

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