Friday, March 30, 2012

Drive Angry

Watched Drive Angry last night via Amazon Instant Video on the Roku. I had to rent it after seeing the Dodge Charger in the promo stills. The premise is Nicolas Cage escapes from hell to try and save his grand daughter from being sacrificed by a Satanic Cult. OK. Cage's main rides are a 1963 Buick Riviera (opening), a 1969 440 Dodge Charger R/T (main ride), a 1971 Chevrolet SS 454 Chevelle (climax sequences) and briefly a 1957 Chevy (ending). Overall a decent action film, worth the cost of the rental. Some over-the-top sequences, like the sex scene turned gun fight while still having sex scene. The '69 Charger was almost spot on except the General Lee style Vector rims. Cragars would have been the deal. Which brings me to the lamest part of this film. The '71 Chevelle. Chevelle's do not have any kind of bad ass attitude and from 1970 on they looked weak kneed even in SS trim. It's almost like they put a Chevelle in the film just to appease the dime a dozen Chevy guys and sell some Chevrolet merch. It really didn't fit in the film AT ALL- especially in it's bright red paint and resto-stock appearance. The Riviera was a cool choice- you don't see many of those old gorgeous cars in films, and even the '57 Chevy for the end sequence was acceptable. It's just that damn Chevelle...well at least we got the Charger for 
the bulk of the chases. 

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