Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Destrucution Of A Space Pod

Buhgabaa's Space Pod was in bad shape.
Mucho rat poop.
After a half hour with a sawzall.
The layers of PVC pipe and wood took some time to cut apart.
Sides cut- only the center remains.
Sides cut away.
Bottom board and a few pipes.
Sawzall 1 - Space Pod 0

So I decided it was time to scrap the ol' Space Pod prop I built for Buhgabaa's trip to Earth in Hot Rod Girls Saves The World. The Pod took months to build and included a kustom built lift up canopy (pulled up offscreen by fishing line), computer keyboards inside the cockpit, various hoses and engines nozzles that lit up remotely. It was a highly detailed,  elaborate construction that would have held it's salt on any George Lucas set.
I had been hauling it around, storing it at various locations for years. Sitting under a tarp, outside in the Northwest had not been kind to Buhgabaa's old ride. Mold was abundant, the paint was flaking and rats had eaten the interior fabric leaving hundreds of droppings all over it and in it. So it was time- time to see how well the Space Pod would hold up to a little sawzall action. After I cut away the initial exterior bits, I began cutting, hammering and cutting some more on the sturdy Pod. It took an hour and a half of solid work to get down to the base boards and pipes. The last pieces I cut with a skill saw, cramming them into the trash. A quick sweep up into the dust pan and the Space Pod was no more. Well I guess it will always live on in Hot Rod Girls The World, with a determined Buhgabaa at the helm. "Moosha maa!"

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