Sunday, April 8, 2012

Dodge Truck Die-Cast

Got these two cool M2 Machines Dodge Cab Over Engine die-cast at Fred Meyer today. Interesting that all the collector die-cast are branching out from the now typical Hemi Cuda, Chevelle and Mustang 1/64th scale die-cast cars and making more obscure cars and trucks.  Their current fave seems to be the 1950s era vehicles. Nice to see the heritage of these cars and trucks being kept alive by the die-cast manufacturers. Wish I could say the same for FIAT-Chrysler. With the recent rebadging of the "Dodge Truck" brand to the "Ram" brand and the newest version of the Viper trading its "Dodge" nameplate in for the more AMG-esque/Abarthish "SRT" branding- will the Dodge brand even be around in another 10 years? Dodge is one of the greatest names in the American Auto Industry and I would hate to see it reduced to a three car brand. Maybe the new leadership of FIAT-Chyrsler (i.e. Italians) just don't get it. Dodge is an iconic nameplate, why kill it?

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