Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Rats & Gassers Filming

Craig with Ken Knowles of Alley Katz Magazine 
Craig VanSant in his shop
Went over to Craig VanSant's shop to film an interview with him about his Hot Rods and get some live footage of his 1949 Plymouth Sedan in action. Ken Knowles of Alley Katz Magazine also came by. He was dropping some scrap metal and ended up in a quick cameo scene. After the interview Craig and I went down to a long straight road to film some drive by passes b of his Plymouth. During our second pass the Plymouth's rear shock hanger got hung up on a 6 inch road edge during turnaround and we had to go back to Craig's shop to get a floor jack and a 4x4 timber to stick under the tire. The road had been recently repaved and had extreme sections of drop off that very were hard to see. After that we finished several more high speed passes (with me filming roadside) and the attached a Go-Pro for the drive back to Craig's Shop. I was a little too hasty on setting up the GoPro and it actually flew off the Plymouth! I watched it tumble down the highway, breaking out of it's plastic case and landing lens down on the pavement! Luckily the GoPro worked fine after. Got some great footage

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