Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Done Deal

Barack Obama easily won his second run for the Presidency last night. With all the pre-election hype, I was seriously dreading a prolonged "to close to call" election like in 2000, but by 10PM Pacific Time the outcome was very obvious. This is the second time I have voted for Obama and the second time I have voted for the candidate that actually became President. I didn't vote in 1984. Looking back I can't remember why.
Here is a list of the Presidential Candidates I voted for since 1988.
1988 Michael Dukakis (Democrat Party)
1992 Ross Perot (Big Eared Rich Guy Party)
1996 Ross Perot (Reform Party)
2000 Ralph Nader (Green Party)
2004 John Kerry (Democrat Party)
2008 Barack Obama (Democrat Party)
2012 Barack Obama (Democrat Party)

A lot of my hardcore Republican friends on Facebook and Twitter were throwing sour grapes at everyone and anyone. Some were cursing Obama and saying things like "America is now in the hands of Satan..." yadda yadda yadda. My Democratic friends were jubilant posting pics of Obama and his family. Personally I tend to vote Democratic Party, but that's because of limited choices and I really consider myself an Indie. I am really hoping we can get a serious third, fourth and fifth political party in the discussion and election process.

My personal feeling about Obama is he is cut from the same Goldman Sachs cloth as many other of our current and former politicians. Lesser of two evils? I like what I see of the man, but he has not always been an effective leader. The health care reform has been a major accomplishment, but he needs to work more with Republicans. Reaching out to them? Not really, more like bitch slapping some of them. The Republican Party has been hijacked by crazy Uber-Conservatives that seriously believe that THEIR beliefs are the ONLY beliefs and that (like the Taliban) God only smiles on them and theirs. Hopefully these Tea Party fringe elements will get a wake up call from this election and realize that the times are changing and they can no longer pretend it's 1812. 

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