Friday, March 15, 2013

Dell Financial Services "Credit Protection" Scam

So I have purchased thousands of dollars worth of merchandise through Dell (partially financed by Dell Financial Services). I make my payments and life goes on. Back in June of last year, we closed our Arts School and so I became unemployed. I was able to stay on top of some payments for a few months, but eventually fell behind on many bills including my Dell account. I started getting calls, sometimes 10 calls a day from their collections department. This went on for several months as I struggled to get back on track. I got a job in November and slowly got out from under my financial bus wreck. Last week, I was reviewing my Dell account and found out I had "Credit Protection Insurance." This is a $35 a month charge to protect your account under catastrophic circumstances. You know those things that sales people talk you into signing up for when you open a new account. THIS WOULD HAVE COVERED ACCOUNT DURING MY UNEMPLOYMENT! WTF! Why didn't Dell Collections tell me this?!?!? I called today to cancel my "Credit Protection" plan and request some kind of refund. "Sorry" is all they say as they transferred me from department to department. I want my money back! Not one month or two of these scam payments- ALL OF IT! 

LESSON: Be very cautious of Dell Financial Services or any other companies "Credit Protection Plans." It's just a scam for them to make more money for doing absolutely nothing. 

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