Sunday, March 10, 2013

My Edmonds News Interview

Did a little interview with My Edmonds Read it below...

By Janette Turner
A few years back, a video crew shooting in Edmonds alarmed locals with a too-realistic gun scene. The resulting movie, “Rat Rod Rockers!” was released and I recently checked in with director D.A. Sebasstian to find out more.
My Edmonds News: Could you please give us an update on “Rat Rod Rockers!”
D.A.S.: The film has done very well, especially through Amazon Instant Video. I was surprised at how many folks actually rent underground hot rod films through this mainstream channel, instead of just stealing my film on one of the Peer To Peer or Pirating sites. We have also sold bucket loads of the “Rat Rod Rockers!” DVDs at car shows and on our own website. and the film has received decent reviews in all the Hot Rod and car magazines. It’s funny, with my genre of film making I get much more attention from the “Car” magazines and websites than the “Movie” magazines and websites. The sales of “Rat Rod Rockers!” enabled me to finance my latest documentary film- “Rats & Gassers: Kustom Kulture Takes A Ride.”
My Edmonds News: What are you shooting these days?
D.A.S.: Right now I am in post production with “Rats & Gassers: Kustom Kulture Take A Ride.” I started shooting in 2011 and have accumulated over 60 hours of interviews and Hot Rod footage. This film is a tribute to the builders and fabricators who make Hot Rods in the Northwest. I went to various shops from Medford, Oregon, to Monroe, Washington, and interviewed the builders one on one about why they do what they do and why they have a passion for these cars. I really see these guys as artists more than just “hobbyists”. Besides the builders, I also interviewed Matt Sawdon of Sunken Ship Tattoo, Photographers Tina Tang and Susana Victoria Clark and Pinstriper Don Charbonneau. “Kustom Kulture” encompasses the cars and the lifestyle and everyone form the Pin-Ups who pose with the cars to the artists who paint and stripe the cars are involved. I am on track to have this in festivals by end of 2013. I am also making a companion book to go with the film. At each interview session I took my Canon 7D along to take pictures for the book. I am not the greatest photographer in the world -much better with a film camera- but several of my photo shoots have been published in national magazines, so maybe I’m mot as lame as I think I am!
My Edmonds News: Anything else that you want folks to know?
D.A.S.: We re-booted our TV show “Go-Kustom TV!” We were on SCAN (cable 29/77) for four seasons back in 2002-2005 and then I put the show on hold to make feature length movies. When I was out filming “Rats & Gassers,” I found some of the footage, especially about muscle cars or kustom cars, wouldn’t fit the documentary’s format. I started thinking, why not re-boot Go-Kustom TV? I talked to pin-up mega-model Kitty Mansfield about hosting the show; she agreed and now we are wrapping up Episode One of Season Five. We will shop the show to various distributors and plan on having 12-14 25 minute Episodes in Season 5. Most are centered around area car shows like the Hell On Wheels show at Darrell’s Tavern in Shoreline, and many more. Some of the footage from the TV show will also be in “Rats & Gassers.” In this way I was able to shoot two project simultaneously. I like to maximize my effort this way.
To follow “Go-Kustom TV” and “Rat Rod Rockers!” check out the website.

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