Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Hot Roddin' Romeos - Booze Hounds Review

Hot Roddin’ Romeos
Booze Hounds

From the opening title track “Booze Hounds” to a more thoughtful “Last Call Reprise,” the new album by the Hot Roddin’ Romeos is sure to fill your rock and roll addictions. Serious high end production abound on this album- but not in an overly slick way. Tight, clean and punchy, with growly Elvis lead vocals and thick guitars, with an almost Billy Gibbons blues sound at times.

This record sounds really really good, especially cranked up to 11 so your nosey noisy neighbors can hear every damn note! One pleasant surprise is the video single “Moonlight,” which has solid doo woop backing vocals, honky tonk piano and a solid swing beat. Another unexpected track is the rockin’ duet “Branded” featuring the over the top bluesy female vocal stylings of Queen Pirate (of The Back Alley Barbers) in a sassy call and response dialog with HRR’s own Johnny Rocket. 

My fave tracks are the thunderous “Hell Bound,” upright bass laden “Over You,” full on rockin’ “Red Fury” and swampy thick “Voodoo Indian.” But honestly, this album has a great track progression and is more than a few singles. You really have to listen to the whole thing from front to back to get the full range and talent of the Hot Roddin’ Romeos. One of my favorite albums so far this year!  - D.A. Sebasstian

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