Sunday, December 22, 2013

Overkill Magazine Rant

OK, so I picked up the new issue of Overkill Magazine because of Andy Wickenheiser's '61 Dodge Gasser Wagon article, a car I first saw in Ol' Skool Rodz years and years ago. I thought something was suspicious as I thumbed through this johnny come lately mag, then noticed it is a side product of Hot Rod Magazine. So this is HRM's second attempt to start a Rat Rod publication- first came the failed Hot Rod Deluxe and now Overkill. So what who cares- right? This isn’t as big a deal as Phil Robertson getting banned from Duckshit Dynasty (thats a joke people, so suck it up). I am sure that HRM's publishing company sees all the guys buying tons of Car Kulture Deluxe & Ol' Skool Rodz and Rat Rod Magazine and they want in on some of that extra ad revenue, so they start Overkill. Happens all the time, copycats are copycats are copycats. But what chapped my ass was, in an article about Ray LaFaver's Ford they say, "after he parked next to his buddy Aussie Pete's bitchin', overkilled '28 Dodge truck..." "Overkilled"? WTF?!? You guys are trying soooo hard to be cool and influence the "scene" that you try weakly to justify your magazines lame catch phrase-ish brand name title by slipping it into articles as a hip descriptive? Fuckers. They are called Rat Rods (one way) or Traditional Hot Rods (the other way) but not Overkilled™ In fact "overkill" means to do sometime over the top, in grandiose manner, etc.-  if anything these cars are lo-fi or underkill. This reminds me of all the poseurs that jumped on the Punk Rock bandwagon in the 80's. I got into fist fights at High School with the jock rockers (circa 1981) when I cut all my hair off. Two years later they all had my haircut. Overkill Magazine should change their name to "Let Me On Your Rat Rod Bandwagon...Please...We Got Cash!" Fuck. 

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