Monday, October 23, 2000

Best of Kill Switch...Klick CD

Mell & I finished mastering the Best of Kill Switch...Klick CD this morning. It sounds very nice and encapsulates the Kill Switch...Klick sound for the last 8 years (yea it's been that long!). The track order is-All Things To All People, Konsonent, Produkt A., Kontorted (Spahn Ranch Mix), Fascist Smash, Living In Your Hell II, Go Man, Go, Wacked (Little Roadkill Superstar), Follow Me (Sigue Sigue Sputnik Mix), Shitkicker, deCANONIZED, Celebrate The Misery, Anger (Plus), Kontorted, The Hobble (Original Mix),
Follow Me (Original Mix) & a Quicktime video for Produkt (Mass Market Mix).I still have to add the Quicktime video and then I ship it off to Cleopatra Records.

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