Sunday, October 22, 2000

Teen Feeding Frenzy Pics

I go into the studio (Hanzsek Audio) to finish mastering the Best Of Kill Switch...Klick CD tomorrow. We also did the cover photo shoot for the next iREGULAR release TEEN FEEDING FRENZY a teen idols tribute. We had two gals (Liz & Margaret) chewing on and wrestling over a bloody steak.It looked very savage and cool. That CD should be in stores by early next year. We sent out the
WHO CARES:A TRIBUTE TO THE WHO to our distributor (REDEYE DISTRIBUTION) and select magazine reviewers last week. We are also planning a 300 piece college radio station mail out through AAM next week. iREGULAR also just picked up two new artists for distribution Jennifer Hope (a gothic/ ethereal female artist) & Six Sigma (multimedia electronica). Look for both in our iSTORE late next week. I will also be adding some new ADSR Music Werks titles as well as a new Bill Wolford's Head limited run
CDR at the same iSTORE update. You can also hear Bill's cover of The Who's, Behind Blue Eyes on WHO CARE'S.

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