Monday, October 2, 2000


October...already! Fall is my favorite time of year...but man this year really flew by. Finished the rough mix of Manifestation, I think this tune is going on the new d.A. Sebasstian CD. It's got a certain vibe that will sit well with the other tracks. I'm mixing it today. That makes four songs of the seven I want to do for the CD complete (originally I was only gonna do six). As I'm writing new material I'm seeing which project it would fit with. Like Day To Day (Feeding The Machine) doesn't have the same feel as the other d.A. Sebasstian tracks so that one is going on the Kill Switch...Klick- Almost Ambient CD, even though I wrote the two songs in a similar mind set, they don't have the same feel. I think 'cause Manifestation ended up with alot of guitar over the electronics, it fits in the d.A. category. I might re-evaluate killing the Kill Switch...Klick name altogether, and just use it for my more electronic & experimental recordings.

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