Tuesday, September 13, 2011

383 HEMI?

OK so this has been eating at me for along time. We are building a movie car for my film The Legend Of D.B. Petty. A 1966 HEMI Charger Gasser. Thing is I can't afford a HEMI right now and builder Chris Darland found a dirt cheap 383 to install. On a whim I typed 383 HEMI heads and found that many hot rodders were putting HEMI valve covers on their 350 Chevys! Now I think that is lame for a show car, because you are just trying to trick bystanders. But for a movie car- you are telling a story and that is a whole different thing. SO anyway- I see multiple websites about guys building NASCAR HEMI replicas out of their 383 Chargers and the mod isn't hard at all. Most just make a bracket and bolt the valve covers over the stock ones, run fake wires with boots and viola...instant HEMI. Of course if you took the engine out of the car you would see a huge gap on the header side of the heads, but with the engine in the car, it's hard to see. So anyway I bid on a set of crinkle black HEMI repo valve covers on eBay. Why I didn't think of this sooner...I do not know. 

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