Sunday, September 11, 2011

My Inadvertently "Road Worn" Hellcat VI

Original color headstock. Pulled off strings.

Removed pick guard.

Sanded and masked off headstock.

To go from black to silver I used a white primer.

Primer on the pick guard.

Several coats of primer and then the silver.

Nice silver finish.

With tuning pegs installed.

Mistake- I just didn't like the star. Too glam.

When I removed the star I had a star shaped imprint in the silver.

Messed up.

Nice sliver finish on the pick guard. Maybe too nice!

So I started sanding to get rid of the star imprint...but hey...that looks cool!

So after looking at some "Road Worn" Fenders online...out came the power sander!
Viola one bad ass bass!

I love this!

Vintage modern....
My Schecter Hellcat VI “Road Worn” Bass. I was repainting the pick guard and head stock then f’d up and started sanding the head and really liked the “road worn” vibe. So I took out the power sander and went to town! It sounds and plays like a brand new instrument but looks like I found it in a Pawn Shop back in 1967!  I am gonna get it pinstriped next week.

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