Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dink Ass Drivers

  • So this guy cuts me off going to drop the kids at school this morning. I saw him coming and the the car in the right lane (in front of him) was slow, so I sped up so the jackass could get in behind me. Instead he speeds up even more and cuts within inches of our van (no signal). When we stop at the school (kids embarrassed)  I get out and go over to his SUV and start yelling at the turd. He was like "I have kids in the car!" I was "so do I asshole and since when do you drive like a maniac with kids IN YOUR CAR?" He started visible shaking. He shuts up and after much beeping from the rows of cars behind us- I got back in the van. I think more of us need to give some New York style in the window or in the face verbage to dink ass drivers to teach them that their stupid actions have potential reactions...instant karma. People get so arrogant driving in their 3,000 plus pound metal go-karts that they fail to take it seriously...they drive like they are in a video game. Rant done.

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