Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Amp

After careful deliberation, I decided to replace my dying Fender Hot Rod Deluxe with a Hartke KM200 keyboard amp. Now the reasons are several 1.) I wanted to get a solid state amp because I am sick of the tube amp maintenance 2.) I wanted an amp that could handle the full bass range of my Schecter Hellcat VI (which is more of a bass than a guitar) 3.) I wanted multiple inputs for drum machine and synths, as well as the two modeling pedals I use simultaneously, the Roland GT-3 and Line 6 Bass POD XT. The KM200 has four separate stereo inputs. This will actually be more of a personal monitor on stage. I will still run my own separate P.A. System from the house system- especially if I am running film with my live show. I have found that it really fills out the stage sound when you have more than just two mains pumping out the audio. With Kill witch...Klick, we had it down to a science. Our live sound was huge and near bombastic. We ran our own P.A., Bass Amps, Live Cymbals and separate electronic drum feeds along side whatever the house had. Massive.  Anyway I will take delivery of the Hartke next week.

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