Friday, January 27, 2012

New Little Power Generator

Just got this in from Fingerhut- a smaller 2 Stroke Power Generator by All Power. The last one I had was behemoth and not appropriate for our Vendor Booths at Car Shows. It was too big and too noisy. So I sold it (at a $200 loss) and got this little one. This guy is 1000 Watts (800 continuous). Should be ample for running a few DVD players and monitors so people can preview my films before they buy them at the Car Shows. The Car Shows have become one of my best way to promote my films, much more so than print advertising. I like talking to people about what Go-Kustom is working on, etc. Makes me feel connected to our audience. These generators are also prime for filming outdoors. This one should be able to run lights and charge camera batteries at the same time. I have a power inverter for my van that I also use on locations. In most cases, and when trying to run big lights off a power inverter,  we would continually blow fuses (that was in my older GMC Van during Hot Rod Girls Save The World). Of course the biggest problem with these portable power generators is the noise they create on set. However, if you use a very long chord and place the generator behind sound barriers (i.e. parked cars, piles of wood, etc. and away from sound reflecting walls, the sound increase is minimal). P.S. After gassing it up with 40:! mixed it started on the third pull. So far so good. 

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