Monday, February 20, 2012

New Sounds For Reason 6

Got a bucket load of new sounds for Reason 6 the last few days- including some extremely convincing Hammond B3 combinator patches and Kong vintage drum machine patches. I have been using Propellerhead's Reason since 2001 (over a decade now!) and really dig the new features and effects in Reason 6. I am using this program almost exclusively to record my new album Burnt Orange. I want the new album to have a vintage surf, post-punk and twang kind of vibe. Vintage drum machine loops with big strange drums and percussion on top, twangy Hellcat VI over post-punk string washes and quirky organ tones. I was doing some self analysis last night and after listening to a few of my fave tracks by The Reds (Big Boy), Jonathan Richman (Roadrunner), Elvis Costello (Pump It Up) and The Lyres (Don't Give It Up Now), I realized how vital rock organ is to these bands (and the sound I am currently looking or). Strange how it can take serious insight to bring out the obvious. New D.A. Sebastian & he Inner Demons, Drums, Organ/Keys and Hellcat VI? maybe an Upright Bass too?

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