Sunday, June 24, 2012

Go-Kustom TV @ 2012 Northwest Billetproof

Pin-Up Photographer extraordinaire Roy Varga at his booth
A rare rain break on Saturday
Miss Mandible Rockatansy was our interview hostess at Billetproof

Mitzi of Mitzi & Co. Photography signing autographs
Look at those grey-black skies!

The rain stopped just long enough for the Pin-Up Competition

Some ride got to park inside, tho space was limited

We headed out early Saturday morning for Chehalis, Washington and the annual Northwest Billetproof. It rained all Friday in North Seattle and all the weather forecasts said to prepare for more of the same in Chehalis on Saturday. I was hoping they (TV & Internet Weather Forecasting Experts™) were going to be wrong, but most unfortunately they were not. We drove the hour and forty minutes through sheets of continuous rain. When we pulled int o the Fairgrounds, we were informed that we could set up inside one of the buildings to stay dry. Ours was the "Floral: building and we were right across from Mitzi & Company Photography, the model car display and April May Photography. The whole building was full of vendors and provided a nice, big, dry room for spectators to wring out their jackets and shake off a few of the extra rain drops. I think that fact helped us do a fair amount of sales, even with the lighter than usual turnout. Miss Mandible Rockatansy and I interviewed several car owners as well as Photographer Mitzi of Mitzi and Company. Miss R did a great job rockin' the interview mic! She will be guest hosting future episodes of GKTV fo' sure, so stay tuned kiddies.

Even with the serious rainfall, many open and no window rides came out to play. One couple wore fisherman coveralls and drove for hours to get their roadster to the show! That is some serious Hot Rodding! If you want it bad enough, you will make it happen- ya know. We are used to rainouts in the Northwest, so far Go-Kustom TV's first two car shows included lots of rain.

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