Thursday, August 2, 2001

Almost Ambient

Working hard on assembling the Kill Switch...Klick Ambient CD. I'm still not sure about the title. It was Almost Ambient (and may yet still be) but I've had a few other ideas. The main concept behind this disc is for it to be a companion to Milkin' It For All It Worth The Best Of Kill Switch...Klick. Whereas Milkin' a "best of" up-tempo type affair, Almost Ambient is a more somber offering, showing the darker & moodier side of my music. Tonight I've been mixing Object Of My Desire, a track originally off Beat It To Fit, Paint It To Match. I'm mixing it with another version of Object that appeared on a compilation called Genre-fest released back in '97 on Ivy Records. I actually layered the two different songs so the new version is a blend of the two distinct versions. The only reason this worked was because both Objects had exactly the same tempo. I'm currently four songs into the track sequence for Almost Ambient.

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