Sunday, August 26, 2001

Sleepless In Seattle

Sunday night/ Monday morning...1:00AM and I can't sleep. I drank too much coffee after 7 PM. Always makes it hard to sleep when the caffeine man comes a knockin'. Laid down some musical bits and beats for the film I'm working on. Just basic ideas, but film music doesn't have to be so pop oriented like vocal laden radio friendly songs. Sometimes just a simple sound or effect can go along way to push the film in a more coherent direction. My film is very music & sound based, as it should be, me being a musician and all.I was recently re-watching a VHS copy of the Thin Red Line. Man, what a great narration in that film. It's like in the midst of the worlds greatest war a common soldiers southern drawl ridden soul rises above the chaos to a pure spiritual realm. Every time I watch that film I feel there is hope in the human spirit even under the greatest duress. Apocalypse Now used to be my favorite war movie. I think the Thin Red Line is now.

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