Wednesday, August 1, 2001

Lost Like Innocence

Started laying out Jennifer Hope's vocals for the song Lost Like Innocence. This is an all new song for the Ambient KsK CD. She sent her vocals on a CDR that she recorded down in a studio in California. Now I'm cutting and pasting them back onto the music. Strange to think how difficult this kind of recording would have been just 10 years ago. Shit- when I first started playing synthesisers in the early 80's, there wasn't even MIDI. You had to play it all by hand direct to tape...and we walked ten miles in the snow to the recording studio...and apples didn't grow on trees, they grew in the dirt like potatoes...and we had to peel them and boil out the worm puss just so we could have a decent breakfast...and yadda yaddaa yadadda.

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