Saturday, August 4, 2001

Ricardo Acevedo

Slammin' through the all the tracks with Ricardo Acevedo guesting on vocals laid out and rough mixed. I'm gonna move on to other songs to give my ears a rest on those ones. It's best to work a bit on tracks and then come back to them with a fresh perspective. If I work on the same songs for several days straight, my perspective seems to get overwhelmed. With my new Cubase VST/ G4 setup it's super-easy to switch between various projects. I've never had that kind of flexibility in the past. It used to be unplugging cables and drawing diagrams to record a new song. Now it klick and go...oh yea I also started writing the Go-Kustom Theme for the Go-Kustom TV show. It's got a sinister twangy guitar thing a goin' on. I've gotta get the drums sounding a bit less drum machine (I love that word) sounding though.

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