Saturday, November 22, 2008

Buy American or Die GM Die!

So our American Automakers are in deep deep shite. And now they want us American Taxpayers to loan them $25,000 billion to what- keep them afloat for another six months? A year? GM is burning through one billion a month and can't seem to figure out how to sell a car anymore. Boo fucking hoo. They even were talking about buying Chrysler to get at their cash. Now- I love American cars, especially Chrysler products and seriously would not want even my most loathed auto brand, Chevrolet, to die. I love the competition between the big three, I love hating Chevy!
Recently we leased a 2005 Dodge Magnum and had it for several years. It was a wicked ride- turned heads all the time. Little hip hopsters and old folk would come up top me saying, "Cool ride!" or "What kind of car is that?" During the Seattle ice storms the AWD never failed and we drove that bad boy on two inch thick solid road ice for twenty miles to take a student to her stranded Mom. The big six got decent gas milage and I could actually haul smaller Home Depot purchases in the wagons back. But with payments of $700 a month, we had to give it back, when our Art School business took a big downturn. Of course the Dodge dealer had lied to us about returning the car and paying a small fee to do so. In the end Dodge wanted $10,000 to return the car! After we had put thousands down and made a total of $19,000 in payments. Ouch! However- I would still buy a Dodge (especially a new Challenger), but most people would rather have a Nissan, Toyota or Honda. And for good reason. American made automobiles are inferior. I hate to say that...but it is the truth. There was a time when American engineering, style and manufacture was the envy of the entire world. Now we are the laughing stock. Big bloated car companies that beg for cash at every recession. Pathetic. Granted business credit is tight right now, but that's what rainy day and slush funds are for. The problem is the American Corporation. Management of these company's are more concerned with stockholders and their bottom line than with the actual products they make. By worrying too much about Wall Street instead of making the best and right product, they have shot themselves in the foot- actually both feet.
I heard a very interesting proposal on Coast To Coast AM last week when an economic guru (name?) suggested that the UAW buy GM. Toss the Management and let the people make the cars and the decisions. How fucking cool is that! I think it could work. Apparently the UAW has enough in pension fund capital to make the purchase. I really don't think the workers are overpaid as some Management types suggest. I think that good product and pride in that product make a successful foundation for any company. We schooled the Japanese on this fact after the big WWII. Now we should attend a few of their company product/pride classes.
No. Even if the big three die it is not the end. Remember Tucker? Packard? Hudson? Studebaker? Car companies come and go. Out of the current big threes corporate ashes- new life will emerge. Small companies making cutting edge autos. That could be the American way once again. Hennessy, Saleen and other small cottage and aftermarket auto performance car manufacturers could rekindle the business by making complete high performance green and fuel efficient vehicles. Hmmm...maybe I'll jump in. How about the new 2014 Sebasstian GT33?

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