Monday, November 24, 2008

Busy Weekend

I sent off four Screener DVD packages to Film Festivals for our new film Hot Rod Girls Save The World. One to SIFF (Seattle International Film festival), AIFF (Ashland International Film Festival), The Backseat Film Festival (Philly) and SXSW Film Festival. Ordered some more posters for a store display I am setting up for the film and printed out cards for DVD counter top display stands (the nuts and bolts of owning a film company). I also screened several great short films for my own Hot Rod Monsters Film Festival I'm putting on in Seattle July 2009. They were In The Event Of A Zombie Attack, Rock Zombies, The Cleaner and The Blind Date Of Coffin Joe. I also finished an article I'm doing for CK Deluxe about making Hot Rod Movies on the cheap.

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