Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hot Rod Girls Save The World First Review

First review for the Hot Rod Girls Save The World DVD. Also R.I.P. Miss Betty Page. You were the Goddess of the Pin-Up World Thank You Daniel Strohl! See below.

Volume 4 - Issue 52 12/11/2008

Street Rods and Hot Rods
Hot Rod Girls Save the World comes to DVD
Hot Rod Girls Save the World has just been released on DVD. Maybe it should be seen on a drive-in screen, or maybe it should be broadcast on a public television station over rabbit-ear airwaves late at night to a late 1960s TV set that gets awful reception. Either way, if you intend to watch Hot Rod Girls Save the World, don’t expect your typical film viewing experience.

We mentioned more than three years ago in this space that D.A. Sebasstian, producer of the underground Seattle television show, Go-Kustom TV, was working on a B movie that featured female street racers, aliens, zombies and rockabilly music. Sebasstian, through his Go-Kustom Films, has now released Hot Rod Girls Save the World on DVD.

As Sebasstian notes in the press release, “We are a small film company (and real car guys) without a big Hollywood budget,” and the film follows along the same formula. If you prefer actresses who seem to have spent more time in a garage than a theater department, if you prefer gratuitous rockabilly scenes tossed into movies, and if you prefer your movies dance around genre lines between horror, sci-fi, mystery and just plain raucousness, then you’ll enjoy this film.

At least there are hot rods in it. For more information, visit
- By Daniel Strohl

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