Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Goodbye 2008

Well another year winds down. The snow is finally melting in Seattle and my facial swelling is going down. Seems appropriate. At Christmas dinner I was chewing on a piece of our Traditional Christmas Salmon Dinner when my tooth popped and started aching. Had a hard time getting to sleep as the pain increased through the evening. The next day I had to pick up my Niece at Sea-Tac Airport and my face was on fire! I took some left over high powered prescription Tylenol from a previous tooth ache- which got me through the day. By Sunday I knew I had to see a dentist, but being a small business owner my wife and I have no dental benefits. I ended up going to a clinic which netted me a prescription of antibiotics. As I was watching the Clint Eastwood Marathon on AMC a big infection blister on my gums popped and I ran to the bathroom spitting out gobs of infectious puss in the sink. Lovely. Didn’t get too much work done this last week. Finished and uploaded The Invisible Surfers CD artwork and did a little to the Special Features Disc for version two of Hot Rod Girls Save The World. Lets see what happens next year...

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