Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Why is Rockabilly & Psychobilly the music of choice for the Kustom Kulture crowd?

Seriously I am not an such an avid Rockabilly fan (so what- right?). I do love Johnny Cash, Eddie Cochran, Carl Perkins, Patsy Cline, Jerry Lee Lewis and Roy Orbison from the early days. Cramps and Reverend Horton Heat from the not so early days. Being a bassist- I really dig upright bass and I can appreciate the revival of the instrument, but I also use drum machines and computers to make my music (not always) and prefer Double Bass in Be-Bop Jazz most of all. My band Kill Switch...Klick was thrown into the "Industrial" genre bins back in the 1990's and pioneers from that genre like Public Image Ltd., Killing Joke and Ministry are some of my all time favorites, I mean "Jesus Built My Hot Rod" from Ministry has got to be one of the all time best drivin' song ever written! Al Jourgensen produced a fair amount of Reverend Horton Heat's music- so I guess there is a connection between Psychobilly and Industrial. I also understand that Hot Rods and Rockabilly got a cultural foothold in the1950's so that is their link culturally. But what about Blues and Be-Bop? Rat Fink seemed more Beatnik (or Beat for you purists) than Rocker. Where is all the Cool Jazz and Be-Bop? I would really dig going to a Kustom Car Show and hearing a Be-Bop Trio or hard edged Cool Jazz Combo for a change. I am hearing more Surf bands at events- which is definitely cool. I've got nothing against any Rockabilly or Psychobilly bands Mad Sin, Tiger Army, Wanda Jackson, Roy Kay Trio, etc. rock harcore- this is more an open question. I guess as the scene morphs into something else the styles will change and open up. I think what I have a problem with is the "Packaged Deal." You know, "Hey everybody- I got a new car (Rat Rod I bought on eBay), a new haircut (I saw in a magazine), a new girlfriend (I found on Craigslist) and bought all these new CD's! I am now a scenester!" What the f'n crap is that? The difference would be the guy who discovers Eddie Cochran, cuts his hair cause he likes the way Eddie looks, finds his girlfriend on an Eddie Cochran Tribute Website, etc. That's the discovery, not the "Packaged Deal." And then again what about X, Misfits and Social Distortion? That's more where I come from, but that's Punk. You can't go wrong with Hardcore, but it would be hella hard for Chicas to mosh in their Poodle Skirts.
PROJECTS - Took delivery on a Fretless Squire (budget Fender line) Modified Jazz Bass today. Got it through American Musical Supply who has an excellent payment option, where you can use you debit or credit card to get equipment in 1/3rd installment payments. For example, I got my bass, that costs around $300 with shipping, for $100 down and then two more monthly payments of $100. You can't beat that with a stick! The bass has excellent build quality and is my first full scale electric fretless, so it's going to be challenge to get the fingering perfected. I wanted a more earthy bottom end for the Hot Rod Girls Save The World soundtrack.
HOT ROD GIRLS SAVE THE WORLD - Re-cut a key scene using a variation from the intro theme of the movie. The HRGSTW theme has various components. The main keyboard line that bounces from Eb to Bb, two different guitar hooks and a blues based rhythm guitar line. The guitar hooks will appear at various scene change points to remind the audience of the theme. The new variation is based on the main rhythm guitar line with an added minimal percussion back beat.

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