Tuesday, November 18, 2008

An Incredible Night

What a night! Thanks so much to everybody who came out last Saturday to 911 Media Arts Center for our first private screening of Hot Rod Girls Save The World! Sorry to all the people who couldn’t get tickets. I really didn’t anticipate selling out the 75 seat theater in a week and a half! After nearly five years of work- it was an incredible feeling to see a room packed with people cheering, laughing and clapping to my little hot rod film. One of the best nights of my life! Judging by all the comments and e-mails I’ve received since the showing, and given the cross section of viewers who were there- I think we have an indie-hit on our hands! I won’t count the chickens just yet, but it was a very good sign.
I am hard at work right now authoring the Hot Rod Girls Save The World DVD. It takes 18 hours for my computer systems to compress and encode the movie files each time. If it’s a bad burn then I have to do it all again. I am really trying to get it out for potential Christmas purchasers. It will be up on Amazon in several formats, sometime next month for $19.99. This is the first edition and will have no special features on the disc. You will be able to buy or download the movie as purchase or rental. Hot Rod Girls Save The World will be available both on the films website http://www.hotrodgirlssavetheworld.com and on Amazon.com. Look for it on Netflix sometime next year and at select rental store in the greater Seattle, Los Angeles and New York areas very early next year.
I am also working on a VLV screening and a “How To Make A Hot Rod Film” article for Car Kulture Deluxe.
Thanks again people!

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