Sunday, September 26, 2010

Meeting Artists and Musicians On Twitter

One of the coolest aspects of the internet and Twitter in particular, is meeting like minded artists and musicians to work with on projects. So far, with my new film Rat Rod Rockers! I have met three outstanding recording artists that have contributed to the soundtrack of the film. The first was Miss Paula Flava, who sent me some excellent gospel and scat vocal tracks. I had sent her a basic MP3 piano riff as a guide via e-mail. She then went into a studio on the East Coast and laid down the vocals, sending the tracks back to me as an e-mail attachment. Later I placed her vocals in various music sections within the Rat Rod Rockers! soundtrack.  Seamless. The second was vocalist Nicole Alonso who laid down some serious rock vocals for a tune I wrote called Shut Down. We did the same back and forth e-mailing of MP3s basics with her using a file sharing site to send the final vocal takes. The third was LG From The Bay, who wrote an all original Hip Hop track called Nuthin' To Loose with beat producer K4s. I sent LG the basic film synopsis and some movie stills and he took it from there. I have never met any of these people face to face. Pure creative flow. To me, this is the most positive aspect of social networks.

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