Monday, September 6, 2010

Rat Rod Rockers! Editing and Last Day Of Summer

Scene 52 of Rat Rod Rockers! is kickin' my arse! Two days into editing this one scene and it's still not completed.  Getting closer- but I keep running into issues with continuity and trying to align the hand held shots as they transition into tripod shots. When you cut from a moving frame into a static frame it can be jarring. If the subject is moving in a similar direction the transition is easier.  I also have a pair of disappearing keys- i.e. the actress did one take with car keys in hand and all others without. Of course the one with the keys in hand is the necessary shot. Anyway sooner or later I will figure it all out, right now my eyes are blurry... Tomorrow school starts in our area. Though it is still technically "summer" for a few more weeks, for my kids it is the Last Day Of Summer.

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