Sunday, October 10, 2010

Vintage & Historic Drag Racers

 Got this book from Amazon called Vintage & Historic Drag Racers by Robert Genat. It is out of print, but one of the many used book vendors on Amazon had a good quality inexpensive copy. Excellent little book, but with a few glaring errors. Under several  very nice pictures of Don "The Snake" Prudhomme's 1974 Plymouth Barracuda Funny Car- the caption calls his car a "Dodge Challenger." However the text correctly calls the car a Barracuda. Must have slipped past the editors. This book also has way too many Chevy's in it. I mean come on- 16 Cars and 2 are Chevy's? WTF !?! I could understand one 409 car from 1962 but even that is too much given you only have 16 entries. Mopar ruled the drag strips from 1964-1974 (technically until today since all dragster and funny car engines are based on the mighty 426 HEMI). Even Ford has more drag racing heritage than GM. No Ramchargers, no Dick Landy, no Sox & Martin. Still some nice pics of the cars it does have.

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