Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Rat Rod Rockers! Editing

Finished up the "D" section of Scene 61 last night. This one was extremely time consuming to begin with, then after a small editing break through, I completed it is a few hours. Ya never know with this editing stuff. I also did another back up of all my movie and sound files for RRR! I learned my lesson when my hard drive crashed a few years ago while editing Hot Rod Girls Save The World. Cost $500 and a week to retrieve the files.  Double ouch!
Started editing the "E" (last) section of Scene 61 this morning. Already got the ending and sequence set. After 61 I move on to 62 and then the whole ending of the film is rough cut (Scenes 51-63). The most difficult scenes left are the ones where the girls are trapped by the Rat Rod Gang in their house. This is a series of four scenes that work in tandem. Of course I still need to edit the drag race scenes and a woods chase scene- so I have some serious work left to do on this bad boy. Today is one month until we Premiere! Also as I was backing up files last night, I wrote a possible end credit twang punk tune called Down Time.

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