Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Rat Rod Rockers! Editing and Beating Up A Pumpkin

Began extensive work on the ending sequences of Rat Rod Rockers! last Sunday. Got all excited as I added new sounds and music to the climactic build-up. Today I filmed one last bit of me holding a book as a stand in for a close-up (hands holding the book) of lead actor Aeon Black. I created the book mock-up covers using Photoshop and my printer. Later I ran to the Value Village Thrift store to grab a purple Polo Shirt like the one Aeon wore in the scene. They actually had an almost identical shirt- score! Did the quick shot and then set up the camera with shotgun microphone on a stand to record some foley for Rat Rod Rockers! of me beating a pumpkin (i.e. human head surrogate) with a  fire extinguisher, slapping a table and then hitting myself in the back and arms with a wooden stick. All in the name of art...

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