Thursday, November 18, 2010


Spent the last few days recuperating from the massive push to Premiere Rat Rod Rockers! and the months of endless editing. I still have to tweek the audio and add a song or two into the audio mix, but the response to the film was immense and at least my fears of making a film that no one could relate too are fading. You never know when you create something how people will take it. If you worry too much during the process and try and make too many changes to satisfy what you think people will like, you end up with a white bread mayonnaise sandwich. On other fronts- I did manage to start a little push for the Munster Style publication we are doing, including getting bands lined up for a compilation disc that will accompany the semi-annual "Periodikal.' I will hit Rat Rod Rockers! full force next week and knock out the audio in a few weeks. I am also working on a Seattle Premiere of the film for February or March of next year.

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