Sunday, November 7, 2010

Rat Rod Rockers! Audio & Tweeking

This is what the film currently looks like in FCP 5.
Since I finished the rough cut a few days ago, I have been working on cleaning up the audio, adding in background sounds that were missing, tightening a few scenes and making music master files for arranging the music in Cubase. To work in Cubase, I have to export sections of the film with a separate video file, a dialog file and a working music file (un-arranged). This is complicated and I am sure I will be tweeking and tightening this film for months- long after the Premiere next week. Especially before Rat Rod Rockers!  goes to DVD.

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Nicole Alonso said...

Best of luck, man! I know what a bitch sound work can be - looking forward to seeing the finished product! :)