Sunday, November 14, 2010

Rat Rod Rockers! World Premiere

Man what a night! We had over 400 people show up to our World Premiere of Rat Rod Rockers!  at the awesome Historic Everett Theater in Downtown Everett last  night. We (my family and I) got there at 4 PM to start setting up our   merchandise and actor autograph tables. Many of the Rat Bastards Car Club, who have cars featured in the film, came soon after parking their  "Movie Cars" in front of the theater. It looked kill! Doors opened at 6:30 and the first band, The Wild Snohomians, opened the show at 7 PM.  People began piling in, filling the lobby, actors tables, bar area and theater. I couldn't believe the turn out! We did a few radio announcements and ticket give-aways and had a few little blurbs in the papers, but no major advertisements. The theater can hold 800 people, but at 400 it seemed really crowed sometimes. Husband and wife photographer team Zombie Crush set up an actor portrait area to get promo shots of the actors at the Premiere. NW Live TC was there interviewing me and the actors and filming the event for their Internet TV Show. Rat Bastards Photographer Diane Jacobson was also snapping some great pics of the event. Besides the Rat Bastards members of  Steeds Car  Club, Greenwood Knights Car Club and Rumblers Car Club were  milling  around. After The Wild Snohomians finished their set, Blacktop  Deceiver  took the stage and kept the theater rockin' until it was time  to screen  the film. The Historic Everett Theater is a beautiful and  swank locale.  So upscale and perfect for any movie premiere. At 9 PM,  H.E.T. theater  manager Mike Olson took the stage and talked a bit about  what was coming  up at the theater. Then I jumped on stage and said a few words about Rat Rod Rockers! The crowd went ape shite! Once  the film got underway I hung out in the  balcony area checking sound and listening to the crowd. Man they were  into it! When 400+ people are sincerely laughing, cheering and applauding your work- it makes you  feel all warm and fuzzy inside. When  he film was done, the audience mobbed the me and the actors at the  signature tables with smiles and  praises for the film. I felt like my nine months of editing this bad  boy had paid off. Now granted the films  sound was not perfect, with odd  background noises and an uneven EQ in spots, but I was crazy under the deadline and just barely made the first cut in time for the Premiere. I still have to go back and message the audio, rerecord a song or two  and then RRR! will be truly completed. After the film was over,  The Wild Snohomians played another  set to close the evening. As the  crowd slowly filtered out over the next  few hours I felt happy knowing  people really enjoyed Rat Rod Rockers! and had a great night. We are setting the Seattle Premiere for February  or March, possible at  Northwest Film Forum or SIFF Cinema. I can't wait!

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