Friday, November 26, 2010

Rat Rod Rockers! DVD

Started laying out the Rat Rod Rockers! DVD menus and content last night. We have to get this into the pressing plant by January so I am jumping into the layout. The disc will have the film (obviously) and special features including a blooper reel,  Anywhere Archives info (that's the series that Rat Rod Rockers! and Hot Rod Girls Save The World stories are both in), movie character still slideshow and movie trailers. This is going to be a limited run of 1,000  DVDs to start with. I will decided if I want to use CreateSpace services (part of Amazon) a little later for additional online sales. I was originally going to hold off on pressing Rat Rod Rockers! until after we screened it in West Coast Theaters, but after some lengthy conversations with various indie-film insiders I decided, "what the hell," let's get this thing out to the masses.

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