Saturday, March 12, 2011

Rat Rod Rockers! Advertisements

The Seattle Weekly ads for the Seattle Premiere of Rat Rod Rockers! just hit the web. We are running several weeks of ads online and a small print ad with the Weekly for the event. We also have radio sponsoreship ads hitting KEXP and KGRG in the next week. We didn't have alot of money for advertising the event- but are doing what we can. As an indie-film company you have to maximize your ad dollars and holding an event that also corresponds to (in our case) a DVD Release Party is a two fer situation. You are announcing the event and the release. Four wall screenings can be costly, but with decent grass roots promotion you can get people out to see your little film. Key to this strategy is never letting up with your promotion. You can't just have a four wall and then move on to the next project. I look at promotion in stages. With Rat Rod Rockers! the first stage was the World Premiere in Everett. This opened channels to promoting the film and was the initial push. Four months later we have the second stage which is the Seattle Premiere and DVD Release Party. The third stage is car show vendor booths and event screenings all summer long with the release of a new Black & White version of the film (love the old B&W films). You have to be relentless, because in the world of DIY indie-film making, you can only count on yourself.

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